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Roots & Foundation is an Black Informative and Educational Community.

The Backstory

It has been a long road traveled to finding the correct platform and medium to bring this vision into fruition. Since a small child, I began writing books that I hoped would elevate the conscious of the Black Community. As I became older and was introduced to message boards, I continued to search for the perfect way to bring about a place for Black History and Excellence. Though I found my projects personally interesting, I was still young and not fully understanding what it truly meant to have a purpose. The countless notebooks, personal blogs, and message boards I created, I believed were just a hobby shorting its way through changing existence. Though they all provided a creative outlet to me, they all still felt incomplete. Even when I bought my first two LLCs, I didn't even consider attempting to make this, the "hobby" of learning and sharing Black history a "business." This was just something that I was going to find a way to eventually do. The moment I became fed up with my 9-5, and everyone began to tell me I shouldn't quit because of where I'd managed to make it in my "career" at such a young age, I realized I was wasting my time ignoring my purpose. 

From a child this purpose was placed on me. I am not aiming to be the best, most informative or glorified teacher. I am not even a teacher. I am simply someone whose heart has always been steered to spreading the history of Black people.

& that is exactly how I now choose use my time.

R & F Mission

The mission of Roots & Foundation is to show the beauty, strength, excellence, works and truth of Black people in order to nurture pride, self-love, unity, and a foundation of "Blackness." To do this the goal is...

To plant the understanding that our history is our foundation. To plant the understanding that our history is sacred, must be protected, and must be remembered for the sake of our healing, growth, and success. To plant the understanding that remembering who we are is not only for our ancestors, but for ourselves, and our children who need a past to learn from.


To plant the understanding that our history is more than an elective course for the school system to add on. To plant the understanding that our history cannot be taught by those who deny our value. To plant the understanding that it is up to us to better ourselves.

R & F Services

Services provided are informative articles, blogs, courses, and books.

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